Importance of UX in SEO

Many believe that Search Engine Optimization and User Experience design are two worlds divided in the universe of Web. But it is not so, SEO and usability actually work together always for a better website experience and the importance of UX in SEO has increased lately.

Google in recent times increasingly considers user behavior signals. Factors like page load time, button size on a mobile screen and ad cluttering above the fold all speak to the weight of user experience signals in the organic search algorithm. So, optimizing websites for the search engines and the design of the user experience lead to the same objectives. Continue reading

Web Design trends to expect in 2016

Web design trends keep getting updated from skeuomorphism to flat design and now slowly material design is picking in not just in mobile but in mobile web space as well. The decision whether to move to new design trends should depend on your users and your business.  Just because something is new and trending doesn’t mean it suits your business logic. There are many websites that try to move and make huge changes to the website, on the end they tend to lose users and fade away.

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Web Design Trends Of 2015

Every year, Web design grows and so many awesome things are being published daily. As we look at 2015, we have seen some trends come to the forefront, creating dynamic and compelling experiences for users. While everyone is reflecting on the year that was and looking ahead to the year that will be, let’s take a look at some of the best website design trends. Implementing the latest styles and techniques in a web design allows businesses to remain competitive and can have benefits in terms of marketing and SEO. Staying on top of trends and using them in your own web designs can help keep a website relevant.

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Simple PHP Coupon Code Generator


Coupon Code Generator is a PHP script that allows you to create any number of random coupon codes. The generated coupon codes can contain a different set of characters and have different character lengths, option to add your own prefix and suffix. All generated coupon codes generated will be different, which makes it useful to provide discount coupon codes.

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