Everything you need to know about Wireframes

Wireframing is an important step in every website and app screen design process. It allows you to define the flow chart and information hierarchy of website design. It makes it easier to plan layout according to how you want your users to process the information. Adding wireframes and testing a prototype in your website design process ensures that the redesigned site would not introduce any new error for the user. Continue reading

Quttons – Material UI inspired Morphing Button

MD Morphing Button

Quttons are morphing buttons made of Quantum Paper, inspired by Material Design UI. Qunatum Paper is a digital paper that can change its size, shape and color to accommodate new content. Quantum paper is part of Google’s new Material Design language. Material design is a unified system of visual, motion, and interaction design that adapts across different devices. Material design is inspired by tactile materials, such as paper and ink.

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