Easily add favicon to your website

Favicons give an identity to your website, helping to separate your site from the rest. The icons are increasingly more crucial as desktop clients and mobile devices let users pin useful sites for quick access. It’s important to get the favicons right so that regardless of where your site is pinned, your users will always get the best-looking icon. Here I shall explain how to easily add a favicon to your website.

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Everything you need to know about Wireframes

Wireframing is an important step in every website and app screen design process. It allows you to define the flow chart and information hierarchy of website design. It makes it easier to plan layout according to how you want your users to process the information. Adding wireframes and testing a prototype in your website design process ensures that the redesigned site would not introduce any new error for the user. Continue reading

Toilocator locates public toilets near you

It’s been long since I have posted an article on my blog. I have been working with a couple of my friends in developing and launching the Toilocator App. The quickest simplest way to find a public toilet, washroom or restroom around the world.

About Toilocator:
When you’re traveling or out running errands and you suddenly realize you have to take care of business, the Toilocator app is just what you need. It helps you locate public toilets around you and shows you how to get to them.
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