Toilocator locates public toilets near you

It’s been long since I have posted an article on my blog. I have been working with a couple of my friends in developing and launching the Toilocator App. The quickest simplest way to find a public toilet, washroom or restroom around the world.

About Toilocator:
When you’re traveling or out running errands and you suddenly realize you have to take care of business, the Toilocator app is just what you need. It helps you locate public toilets around you and shows you how to get to them.

What’s more? It provides information about whether these toilets have disabled access, public access and whether their facilities are free or not.


As of today, the Toilocator global database covers over 2,90,000 public toilets around the world and we’re constantly expanding. Toilocator currently cover these major countries like India, U.S.A, U.K, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, New Zealand, Australia, Brazil and other small counties. And this is just the start. All, the toilets listed in the app are crowdsourced and verified.

So there you have it, a partner to help you at that crucial time when your body just won’t listen to you. The app is available on the iOS at Apple App Store and on the Android at the Google Play Store.

For more information about the app visit Toilocator Website

Reason behind the app:
I live in India, a country where men often urinate in streets corners or other open spaces. First of all, this is disgusting and secondly, it makes the place dirty and unhygienic.

When I’m out with my friends on a holiday, I’ve realized it’s difficult to locate washrooms that we could use besides heading back to our hotel room. At times language was also a major problem. And that’s where this idea originated.

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